AKS and the world using it.

2 min readMar 4, 2021


Azure Kubernetes Services or AKS is a managed K8s service/ resource provided by the Microsoft Azure Cloud. This provides a serverless multi-node Kubernetes setup with up to 1000 Slave Nodes. Deployment of Apps and web servers with a great ui at azure.

Major customers of AKS include Starbucks, Finserve, Maersk, Bosch, etc.

Here is a story from Bosch, Hoe do the use AKS for their Business.

When Robert Bosch GmbH set out to solve the problem of drivers going the wrong way on highways, the goal was to save lives. The result is the wrong-way driver warning (WDW) service and software development kit (SDK). Designed for use by app developers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), the architecture pivots on an innovative map-matching algorithm and the scalability of Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) in tandem with Azure HDInsight tools that integrate with the Apache Kafka streaming platform. When we started our journey on Azure, we were a really small team — just one or two developers. Our partnership with Microsoft, the support from their advisory teams, the great AKS documentation and enterprise expertise — it all helped us very much to succeed — Bernhard Rode: software engineer.

The problem was the speed. The team assumed that devices emitting location information, such as smartphone apps and automotive head units, could eventually send thousands of data points to the solution per second, from all over Europe and eventually other countries. Bosch needed lightning fast compute capable of filtering events and pushing a notification back to an end device within 10 seconds — the time estimated to make the solution viable.

The team decided to offload the work of scaling and cluster maintenance to a managed service in a public cloud with a global reach. Thanks to the trusted partnership Bosch had with Microsoft, Azure Kubernetes Service was the obvious choice. A team of Microsoft cloud solution architects worked closely with Bosch engineers, who provided valuable feedback to Azure product teams. Microsoft continues to work with Bosch teams around the world. Working together, they devised a solution that produced the speed Bosch needed.

Using AKS was a strategic decision. We looked for a managed orchestrator so we could offload the work of patching, upgrading, and production-level services. That’s why we chose AKS — and it’s a very open, flexible platform.

Hai Dang Le: technical lead

Read Full Story at- https://customers.microsoft.com/en-in/story/765209-bosch-increases-vehicle-safety-using-map-matching-algorithms-and-azure-kubernetes-service.