3 min readJul 6, 2021

A Message queue is a term given to a software, tool or an application which helps two or more microservices, processes, or threads to communicate or share some data amongst themselves, commonly termed as inter process communication. It uses a queue the process communication. For example, a process or a microservice running frontend asks for some kind of prediction, the js connects to the backend program running a machine learning model also, if there is a requirement of any kind of data retrieval from the db all of it is managed by MQ. Some of the common used message ques are RabbitMQ, Apache Active MQ, Zero MQ AWS SQS, Azure Scheduler etc.

This blog describes Amazon AWS Simple Queue Services (SQS).

SQS by AWS offers a secure, affordable, highly available and durable hosted queues, which helps in integrating and decoupling distributed software systems. It offers common constructs such as dead-letter queues and cost allocation tags. It provides a generic web services API that you can access using any programming language that the AWS SDK supports. Different queues used are standard queues and FIFO queues.

Organizations using SQS are BMW, Red Bus, NASA, Capital One and a lot more. Lets See how BMW uses AWS services, and especially SQS.

BMW as a brand believes that disruption leads to new opportunities, so they exclaim that, usage of more software and services need to be used in the cars, Cloud solutions augment the BMW’s IT infrastructure. Agile and real time innovation, deep personalization and engagement. Learning Maps are an example for usage of cloud and sqs services. The sensor used in BMW 7series sends data to the cloud and after processing the programs running on the cloud(aws) dynamically updates the the digital Map, which creates a better and a faster routes not only for the driver but for the entire fleet running on that route. This may also help in autonomous driving cars. So all the ipc are governed using Simple Queue Services. The data sent by the sensor goes to the queue, the AI program works on that geo location provided by the sensor after consuming it from the Queue. Furthermore, the map data is processed and sent to the mq connecting the gps and maps in the car.


This way BMW Uses Amazon SQS.