OpenShift Industry Use Cases…

RHOCP(Red Hat Open Container Platform), or Red Hat Open Shift is a PaaS(Platform as a Service) offered by Redhat. It is an on-premises PaaS, built on top of Kubernetes(k8s) and uses container technology like Docker(earlier), CRI-O(now).

Two phases are involved in RHOCP, Build Config (BC) and Deploy Config (DC). In BC, your code is fetched from the SCM tool and further you are asked to select the environment for the same. and a container image is built using this code and env. In the DC phase, Pods and Deployments are configured and your complete application is ready and deployed.

OC has wide usage in the IT industry, some of the brands using it are, Volks Wagen, AirBus, Porsche informatic, Aviva, Medlife etc.

Lets see How Volks Wagen uses OpenShift.

Volks Wagen has developed an innovative virtual test environment for its vehicles. Several scenarios or environments are created and managed in order to test the smart software used inside the car. All these Scenarios are completely automated using different cases and deployments in the open shift container platform.

VW was able to back a position in Red Hat Innovation Awards 2021, this is the recent concept where Volks Wagen innovatively made the use of openshift to solve such a usecase.

Watch the complete video —

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